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#wazwan #chefs in #kashmir doing it #oldschool they waz machines before there was #machines and still are!

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At home feast time? #wazwan #dharfarms #food #beatthemeat

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#Repost @natgeotravellerindia with @repostapp. From a wonderful travel piece I worked on with Tarquin Hall where we looked at exploring the idea of Kashmiriyat through understanding the culinary heritage of Kashmir. I have always thought of food to be a great way of understanding a people and their histories and my journey in Kashmir did allow me a peak into the lives of the people there. ・・・ This month we're turning the spotlight on India's vast and incredibly rich culture and heritage. Everyday we will pick a state and share our best story from the region. Up first: Jammu and Kashmir. According to Kashmir’s hereditary wazas, the authentic taste of wazwaan can only be achieved by cooking in custom made copper-plated pots on open wood fires. The elaborate, multi-course meal requires a team of cooks to work round the clock for days. Read more on www.natgeotraveller.in Photo: Anshika Varma. #foodphotography #cultures #kashmir #natgeo #nationalgeographic #traveller #india #wazwan #anshikavarma #throughthekitchenglass

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